20 08, 2017

We Should Never Have Let Him Go

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In all my random reading, how’d I end up with a book about a land stricken by apartheid the same week as the riots in Charlottesville? As I eyed the book on my shelf, I wasn’t sure I wanted to take on 312 pages of racial problems and blaming whites. Nevertheless, I forged on into Alan Paton’s Cry the Beloved Country, in which the [...]

6 08, 2017

You’ll Want To Star in This Movie

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Continuing with Mormon authors this week, I present The Rules in Rome by A.L. Sowards. The story begins when a pack of Allied soldiers ambush a German officer’s car bounding along the road in Italy. As the men examine the dead officer now slumped in the seat, they notice how thoroughly he resembles one of their own, Bastien Ley. Daringly, Bastien assumes the dead [...]

30 07, 2017

A Kiss That Rattles the Richter Scale

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This week and next, in observance of Summer Book Trek, Read Fast Eat Slow features books by indie Mormon authors. You can head on over to SBT’s website to check out what’s new in that niche. Fantasy and romance (but I repeat myself) are the favorite genres of these authors, both of which I handle like the mushy vegetables that need to come out of [...]

23 07, 2017

Working the Worst Shift

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And how’s your mom day going? Maybe we should assign points for difficulty, just to see how you match up with Tracy McKay’s worst mom days, as described in her memoir, The Burning Point. I’ll give you: 3 pts. per child (Tracy has 3). 2 pts. per ordinary errand, (Tracy needs to go the grocery store, the YMCA, get kids to the bus). 5 [...]

16 07, 2017

Would You Go Where You’re Not Wanted?

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“We weren’t the only ones.” “No kidding. . . . Why do you think we had to start our own hotels?” One day, a Mrs. Marx of Newton Massachusetts dashes off a letter to a Vermont inn, inquiring about vacation accommodations. The reply letter makes it clear that “Our guests who feel most comfortable here . . . are Gentiles. Very truly yours . [...]

9 07, 2017

What’s That Sparkle on Your Finger?

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Welcome to Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Paris and . . . Cleveland, the settings for J. Courtney Sullivan’s novel, The Engagements, in which all the strands of the story dance around the Maypole of the diamond engagement ring. Leaping back and forth through the decades, we have four mini-stories: James, a paramedic, chases down blood and drunkenness in Cambridge, Massachusetts, a suburb he could [...]