8 02, 2015

That Little Book at the Back of the Shelf

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Ken Follett’s Pillars of the Earth turned out to be a three-weeker. Last week, I accused him of running out of good ideas halfway through. This week I have to apologize and tell you that his story revived. […]

2 02, 2015

The Medieval Bowl

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And how did your big game go? Did anybody get raped, pillaged, trampled under a horse, burned with torches, locked away in a cold isolation cell, anything like that? Oh, wait. Wrong game. You’ve been hearing all about the Super Bowl while I’ve been munching on tail-gater food, absorbed in the Medieval Bowl.  Who's playing?  Well, it's the Monks vs. the Earls. Mini Muffulettas [...]

11 11, 2013

Nice Doggie, Nice Doggie

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If Oprah liked it, will I like it?That's not exactly why I picked up David Wroblewski's The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, but I can just imagine Oprah holding up this thick book on her TV set and sincerely bearing testimony that it will hold you in its grip clear up to the last harrowing page.Actually, I have no idea how harrowing things will get, but [...]