25 06, 2017

Chunky Monkey Pancakes

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I’m reading a long book this week. So let’s talk about breakfast. It’s nice when breakfast is more special than that same old bowl of Cheerios. It’s nice when breakfast is at dinner time. It’s really nice when breakfast includes chocolate. If you feel the same way, maybe you’d like to make Chunky Monkey Pancakes. [...]

10 01, 2017

Camper’s Breakfast Hash

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  Camper's Breakfast Hash made an easy Saturday night supper. I know it's supposed to be a breakfast food. And yes, I've recently become a morning person, but I wouldn't carry that kind of thing so far as to feed people in the morning. So, breakfast at suppertime it is. Here are the ingredients: The hash browns were supposed to be the freely-shredded kind, but they [...]

31 07, 2016

Ten For One!

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I’m reading a door-stopper of a book that’s taking me two weeks. But don’t worry, I still have reading ideas for you. Here’s a post about developing a canon of Mormon literature. It’s intended for scholars and critics — “Mormon literary critics need something to criticize” — but includes a list of ten Mormon-themed books. Ten for one! Just like a big sale week at your [...]

29 05, 2016

Now is Your Chance to Educate Me

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Today is Rosanne Cash day. I’m listening to her on Pandora, in hopes that I’ll “get it.” I just read her memoir, Composed, and I can at least offer this lukewarm praise: 1) Some of us take awhile to find ourselves. Some of look for ourselves in New York and Paris. Some of us have a Daddy who pays the hefty rent while we spend [...]

30 08, 2015

Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone?

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What would your family do if you keeled over dead? How would they fill in the hole? What would they have to learn to do, and in a hurry? If I went poof, I expect my family would say things like: “Why do we keep running out of toilet paper?” “So, so tired of mac ‘n cheese/scrambled eggs/hamburgers.” “My goodness, is that an inch of [...]

24 05, 2015

Send the Butler Home

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So who’s your celebrity weakness? Whose face, airbrushed onto the cover of People Magazine, moves you to pluck this week’s copy from the grocery store newsstand and give up $3.00? Or to click on their pictures when you ought to be folding laundry? Is it the British Royals? I wouldn’t blame you. I’m fond of them myself, even if I haven’t checked in lately on [...]

8 12, 2013

Those Crazy Dreamers

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I used to have a powerful People Magazine habit.  I kicked it, much to the relief of my husband. But I remember what I liked best about it--story after story of people who clung to their crazy dreams.  Much to the consternation of all who knew and loved them, they threw their all into making jewelry, or raising ostriches, or singing in backwater bars in [...]

29 07, 2013

My Holocaust Education

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The first thing I saw on the SMU campus was the fountain, a golden ring of water and light in the night air.  The next morning, it was the buildings, topped with domes, borne up by columns.  They were so different than BYU's, less boxy, more like something plucked off the shores of the Potomac River and transplanted to the gummy clay soil of Texas.The [...]

9 06, 2013

If Your Slip is Showing

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If you haven't picked up Claire Messud's When the World Was Steady yet, hurry along and get it and you may finish it before I do.  I don't know why I get in these non-reading jags.  I wouldn't blame Messud.  Currently the mother of the two sisters is planning her death.   She has taken one of her daughters on a vacation to a dreary Scottish island, [...]

25 02, 2013

Placenta Lady

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Childbirth was not such a bad thing. It was dramatic enough that I was the center of attention for a few hours. Then when things got really bad, events sped along and finished up, and somebody offered me a hearty breakfast afterward. I understand, of course, that your mileage may vary. It gets even better on the spectator end, because your party troops along to [...]