11 12, 2016

Two Desserts!

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Tonight, you get two desserts, to make up for getting no book. I'm reading a long one, already been at it for two weeks and it's going to take me another to finish. Meanwhile, I'm visiting a household where nobody is on a special diet, where everybody goes bug-eyed for sugar-y treats. We tried: Slutty Brownies. Start with some chocolate chip cookie dough.   [...]

30 10, 2016

In Search of Happiness

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I once walked up to one of my favorite ladies and asked her how she was. “Can’t complain,” she replied. Why not? Complaining is fun. Eric Wiener complains in a most entertaining way in his book, The Geography of Bliss: One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places on Earth. How did Wiener know where the happy was? Well, people do studies on this. And some countries have ministries [...]

2 10, 2016

Let Us Now Argue About Evolution

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Tom Wolfe is my writer hero. And he’s been busy lately, writing The Kingdom of Speech. Our top evolutionists and linguists recently admitted that, despite what they’ve been teaching for years about how man, the only “animal” that can speak, developed the power of language, they really can’t find any evidence for their theories. Wolfe, stumbling upon this admission, couldn’t help himself. He sat down [...]

21 08, 2016

Got a Soft Spot for Lost Animals?

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Two lost souls meet in an apartment stairwell. One of them is a recovering heroin addict. He comes home every evening from London’s Covent Garden, where he plays his guitar  — “busking” -- and hopes the passing commuters and tourists dropped a few coins in his guitar case. The other is a tabby cat with bald patches. If you’ve got a weakness for cats, or just [...]

4 01, 2015

Make It Double. No, Wait. Don’t.

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I like to cook double of everything when my family gathers for Christmas. I resisted the urge this year and, boy, am I glad, because everyone is gone now and we still struggle to finish up goodies like this tasty White Chocolate Party Mix. This week’s book is even less nutritious than the candy-coated stuff. Being busy with guests, I couldn’t get to the library. [...]

28 01, 2013

Long Time ‘Til You Kiss a Girl

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At Benjamin Nugent's 13th birthday party, he invited all the friends with whom he had bonded over sci-fi, Dungeons & Dragons, and computers. They sang the 2001: A Space Odyssey theme as the cake appeared, and told each other nerdy jokes.What must his parents have thought? Perhaps they were simply glad that he had friends. But still . . ."Do you tell him to ditch [...]

7 12, 2012


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I keep picking up books about local eating. Don't think I've gone all farmer's-market-&-organic or anything. I still love me some food straight out of plastic-y wrappings, and the sweeter the better.But I also must have a soft spot for dipping into the world of people who get all misty over pastoral scenery, who love to dig in the deep black dirt and make tasty [...]

12 02, 2011

Forget the Flowers, Forget the Lacy Card

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In case you still haven't thought of anything to give to your sweetie on Valentine's Day, I know that I would think kind thoughts about anyone who gave me a plate full of --Cookie Dough TrufflesThe first time I tried these, I used milk chocolate, then served them to guests. How polite humans can be. Those things were sweet enough to gag on, but my [...]

22 12, 2009

Please Try

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Tonight, let's start with the Carson Christmas plate, part 2, in which we feature: Homemade Snickers!This takes all day, sort of. You make it in four layers, taking time between each layer to let things set.Chocolate Caramel CandyEven better the second day. If they last that long. I'm cheating on the Finished Book Pile, since it's taking me quite a long time to finish our [...]