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26 03, 2017

Womb for Rent

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When Julia Strauss was a teenager, her father sat her down and warned her, “Men are going to look at you.” By the time Julia is a senior at Princeton, she’s used to turning heads. But the stare of a particular man from across the food court at the mall one day feels a little too intense. And when he approaches and hands her [...]

19 03, 2017

Those White Folks Can Be Nasty

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“It is not polite, and it is full of pain.” Author Mildred Taylor grew up on her father’s stories of slavery and “of those who lived still not free.” “I was outraged that one person would treat another person with such inhumanity and disrespect, and I grew from that outrage, determined to pass the stories on.” Holding Taylor’s Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry [...]

12 03, 2017

On Mormon Handcart Pioneers

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I didn’t expect Sandra Dallas’ book, True Sisters, to splash cold water on my view of the Mormon pioneers. I already had opinions of my own, which Dallas’ story only reinforced. I was raised to revere those continent-crossing converts. But all I can muster is pity. Dallas fictionalizes the journey of the Martin Handcart Company. I assume that you already know a little about [...]

5 03, 2017

Find the Missing Girl

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A mentally-handicapped girl named Elizabeth disappears from her close-knit Detroit neighborhood, igniting the plot of Lori Roy’s Until She Comes Home. The neighborhood is anchored by two institutions: the factory where all the men work, and the church where all the women stage bake sales and thrift drives. Don’t forget the growing racial tensions from the “coloreds” who live in the apartment building up [...]

26 02, 2017

A Hot Time in the Old Town

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Writers, as they hone their craft, learn that their stories must begin with a bang. The character’s apple-cart of a world must be turned upside down. An exploding dance hall will do it. That how Daniel Woodrell starts his book, The Maid’s Version. Well, actually he starts with a young boy hanging out with his grandmother, Alma. He hates her “pinched, hostile nature.” Mentally, [...]

19 02, 2017

Is Anybody Paying Attention to You?

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Read Fast Eat Slow is pleased to announced a new award, the PB&J award. This high honor recognizes books so engaging that readers are willing to risk late fees on the bills, haystack-sized laundry piles, and the shame of looking like a bum just to finish the darn book. Children of these eager readers will be told to fix themselves a sandwich and leave [...]

12 02, 2017

Pregnant Too Young

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If we lined up all the books you read before you were seventeen, would you have the stomach to read any of them again? Would they even feel like the same books? I’m trying to imagine the fascination in which I would hold a book like Where the Heart Is, had I read it back in my weepy-teen days. Let me just confess that [...]

5 02, 2017

All About A French Ugly Duckling

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This week, our heroine is a middle-aged ugly duckling. In The Yellow Eyes of Crocodiles by Katherine Pancol, Josephine Cortes’ husband dumps her for a young salon chick. All Josephine has left is her suburban Paris apartment, her teen/tween daughters, one of whom wears a bikini all too well and constantly tells her, “Mom, you’re such a buzzkill.” The other daughter is as sweet and [...]

8 01, 2017

When Hard Times Hit: I Guess We’ll Have to Sell the Castle

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Go ahead, name me the small pleasure that gets you through a deadly-dull afternoon. Is it a chocolate bar? A certain Pandora station? Feeling your favorite jade earrings swinging from your ears? A stop at the gas station, where you know exactly where the pink snowballs sit on the shelf and it wouldn’t hurt to buy just one this afternoon? What if your fortunes [...]

6 11, 2016

Ann Patchett Does It Again

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Ann Patchett is getting to be a favorite author around here. Commonwealth, her latest, opens at an alcohol-fueled christening party. Imagine yourself, a cop, father of the new baby, opening the door to find a colleague ready to step across your threshold, uninvited. And by the time the party’s over, he and your wife are in love. Commonwealth wastes little time on the spark that [...]