22 04, 2017

Malted Milk Pie

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  This recipe makes two pies. I tried to share my extra pie with my just-moved-in neighbors. Either they couldn't hear the doorbell, or they fear strange women standing on their doorstep, holding a cream pie. Maybe they watch too many movies with pie-in-the-face gags. So I took it home. Now, every time I eat another piece, every time I bite into another [...]

3 08, 2014

Half Marathons for the Untrained

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I must have needed the nap.We are not morning church people this year.  We get the pleasures of sleeping in versus the pleasures of the Sunday afternoon nap.  When we arrive home, all we want to do is eat.  Bye-Bye Nesquik, if she wishes to be loved by all, had best start frying up the sausages and hunting down the measuring spoons.But today, Bye-Bye Nesquik [...]

3 12, 2012

King, Commoners and English Majors

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It seems like easy pickin's.You want to write a good book? One with tried and true drama? Steal your story from somebody else, somebody who won't care. Say, Homer, who wrote that Iliad thing a few years back. This is what David Malouf attempted in Ransom. Myself, I never got the Greeks. If they had a bad day, they felt honor-bound to gouge out an [...]