27 03, 2016

Kristen’s Top Ten Nonfiction List

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Continuing to answer a faithful reader’s request, today we feature Read Fast Eat Slow’s list of top-10 nonfiction books. What’s it like to be you? What was it like to be there? The best nonfiction answers these pressing questions. Just like a good HONY post, it makes us regard the stranger on the street a little differently. Before we get started, fix yourself a pan [...]

3 08, 2014

Half Marathons for the Untrained

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I must have needed the nap.We are not morning church people this year.  We get the pleasures of sleeping in versus the pleasures of the Sunday afternoon nap.  When we arrive home, all we want to do is eat.  Bye-Bye Nesquik, if she wishes to be loved by all, had best start frying up the sausages and hunting down the measuring spoons.But today, Bye-Bye Nesquik [...]

11 11, 2013

Nice Doggie, Nice Doggie

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If Oprah liked it, will I like it?That's not exactly why I picked up David Wroblewski's The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, but I can just imagine Oprah holding up this thick book on her TV set and sincerely bearing testimony that it will hold you in its grip clear up to the last harrowing page.Actually, I have no idea how harrowing things will get, but [...]

27 04, 2009

In the college-girl kitchen

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I'm living the college-girl life this week. I'm shacked up in Emma's room, where I find a wall calendar with due dates for assignments, textbooks stacked beside her bed, and the student herself frowning over her schoolwork.So if you get the urge to cook while visiting a college student/working girl, the food better be quick and require minimum kitchen equipment. Out of all the dinner [...]