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28 02, 2016

Stopping in at the Singles’ Ward

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Mix a few tumbleweeds, some girls gone missing and an uncle with a wandering eye, and you have Lori Roy’s novel, Bent Road. No, really, I mean it about the wandering eye. It’s a milky gray and you think Uncle Ray is looking right at you, but he’s also looking over at the stove. Anyway, the story follows Arthur and Celia, who find themselves hip-deep [...]

9 11, 2014

The Romance Atheist

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Amazon readers warned me about Thomas Pynchon's Mason & Dixon.  "Huge, tough book. . . . very clearly a masterpiece."     "Talking dog. . . . Mid 18-century prose style." I mean, the size alone: Sheesh!  Eight-hundred or so pages!I dug in anyway. I found it delightful, got right into the pirate-era lingo, had no trouble "hearing" the two famous surveyors joking with each other.At least until [...]