28 09, 2014

Good-Bye Plan A

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I listened to a lot of southern accent this week.  So I had no trouble hearing John Grisham's Ford County characters in my head.Ford County is a short story collection, heavy on lawyers because, as I think we all know, Grisham was one before he made it big in book world.His tales, set in Clanton, Mississippi, introduce us to a disgruntled plaintiff, to an unambitious [...]

13 07, 2014

Big Bucks Homework

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At my age, I should be beyond dreaming that I'll be a ballerina or an astronaut when I grow up.  But Michael Connelly's The Brass Verdict has got me imagining that I can be a dandy defense lawyer someday.That may be a weakness in his story.His protagonist, Mickey Haller, stepped away from his law practice for awhile.  Something about getting hooked on pills.  Then a [...]

30 06, 2014

Give Me Some Connecticut Banality

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This is a tale of missed opportunities. Evidently, CHICKEN ORIENTAL SALAD is so good that if you don't hunt down the leftovers promptly, it will be too late.2 chicken breast halves 2 TB slivered almonds, toasted or not as desired* 1/2 head cabbage, finely chopped, about 4 cups (I used a 16-oz. bag of coleslaw mix.)1 pkg (3 oz.) Ramen oriental noodles, chicken flavor 1 TB sugar 1/2 cup [...]

8 06, 2014

Scalloped Nerves

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Oh, sure, of course I got out my little watermelon-sculpting knife and created this scalloped beauty, which I pridefully carried to the family picnic yesterday.Ha.  No. It traveled to the picnic in an ordinary Rubbermaid bin.  Though it would have been easier, I tell you, to cut that shell and each little melon ball, too, using rusty nail clippers, than it was to get this [...]

27 04, 2014

Oh, No, We Missed the Lutheran Marriage Encounter!

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We checked into a Chicago hotel Friday night and soon discovered that we were sharing the premises with the Lutheran Marriage Encounter.  All those nice people walking in with their notebooks--I wonder what they hoped to improve over the weekend.   Half the fun of hotels is sharing them with Groups.  We've passed through lobbies full of Mary Kay reps (High heels!  Perfect faces!  Pink Escalades!) [...]

30 03, 2014

Somewhere Between King James English and “I’ll Take You Home Again, Kathleen”

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"Did you find everything all right today?" said the grocery store cashier."Yes, I did, and I was looking for a lot of weird stuff," I told her.Like spreadable goat cheese.   And pesto.  And roasted red peppers.We've got a Fast Sunday tradition around here of eating a big meal made made from all new recipes (also known as Dishwasher's Dismay). Currently, we're working our way through [...]

1 12, 2013

Literary Cheese Puffs

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A Montana cowpoke that falls for a night-class teacher.   Two brothers that would like to throw each other off the ski lift.  A father in mourning, doing what he should've hired a detective to do.   An Argentine aristocrat, longing for the old days.These are some of the people that appear in Maile Meloy's short story collection,  Both Ways is the Only Way I Want It.Meloy's [...]

12 05, 2013

Can’t Go Wrong with Bacon

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I love my UrbanSpoon app.  I love the way it nudges me to try new, independent restaurants all over town.  Aren't I just the queen of variety, sampling barbecue up on the northwest side, and sandwiches slicked over with garlic butter down in Bloomington and waffle cones in Cincinnati?   Then again, maybe not.  I can pick up a menu, splashed with colorful pictures of [...]

15 04, 2013

Oops, Mom and Dad, I Lost Her

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Somebody in my writing group keeps handing us chapters of her novel about a family broken up by a fatal car accident. The narrator girl and her father struggle through the year after losing Mom and Big Brother. We get a lot of silence-at-breakfast scenes, losing-ourselves-in-competitive-swimming scenes and re-entering-teen-life-with-a-birthday-party-at-the-country-club scenes. (Where, naturally, a hunky boy appears. With an Aussie accent. And he's a swimmer, how [...]

13 07, 2012

Playing with Matches

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The grass is a sickly yellow. The shrunken edges of our pond reveal grassy banks that usually remain well hidden. The weeds have taken over every lawn along my walking routes. Given this droughty state of things, we have been warned not to play with matches around here, or fireworks, or any other sparky things.I'm on board with this, having recently seen pictures of Colorado [...]