15 02, 2012

Complete This Sentence

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My pet peeves. A list. No, just one item. Big one though. Sentence fragments. Drive me nuts. Doubling over. In pain. Oh, the pretentiousness! That's why I quit The Marrowbone Marble Company by Glenn Taylor. Amazon fell in love with this book, touting it as one of the best of whatever year it came out. A story about simple people who have a good idea [...]

2 01, 2012

Dud Pile

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Winter has set in, as you know, and I'm dying to escape it, even if it's just in the pages of a book. Sadly, the books I have chosen lately were a pile of duds. So let's just dive in to the Finished Book Pile today and express our frustrations, OK? This pile of duds included Dangerous Laughter, a collection of short stories by [...]

26 03, 2011

I Can’t Stay Away From This Stuff

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Let's start this time with the food.Chili Corn Bread SaladI don't want to stay away from this stuff. I want to eat the whole pan! This is why I need a life of the mind, so I don't languish, thinking of the corn bread, the bacon, the cheese, the gooey ranch dressing stuff, the . . .Ahem. Where were we now?Oh, yes. Life of the [...]

18 03, 2011

He and I Aren’t the Same Kind of Cook

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Let's start today with The Finished Book Pile. We have If I Loved You, I Would Tell You This, a collection of short stories by Robin Black.Her conversational little stories grew on me. Black writes about quiet people, many of them aged and broken down. Mostly, I remember Jean, hiding her stroke-affected arm in a fancy-scarf sling, claiming it's some small injury. Her daughter has [...]

24 08, 2010

A Cool Celtic Name Isn’t Everything

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Aiobheann Sweeney. That's the author of the book that I'm about to not recommend to you, Among Other Things, I've Taken Up Smoking. I looked forward to seeing a picture of this person. What does an Aiobheann look like?She was a nice brown-eyed, brown-haired Celtic type. Her book rode along rather aimlessly, even sleepily. A motherless girl lives on a Maine Island with her father. [...]

3 04, 2010

I thought of you, LD

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Today, I've got something for the cooks that find themselves in a Boring Side-Dish Rut. We feature a salad. I'm pretty lazy about salads. I open a bag of pre-cut greens, toss in some grape tomatoes and slice up some cucumber and expect the diners at my table to be happy with it, week after week after week. Nothing else goes into a salad unless [...]

29 05, 2009

Prom Dining at the Food Court?

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Ah, Memorial Day. Best one in a long time. Mercy introduced us to Bexley, where the streets are shady, the vast lawns are landscaped by skilled hands, the driveways are long, curving, bricked, and the houses -- excuse me -- the manors are dignified. At one of the larger ones, I expected Captain Von Trapp to pop around the corner and scowl at me. That [...]