17 04, 2016

How Much Like Tina Fey Are You?

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Once again, my strategy for making spring appear has worked. Here’s how I did it: I pretended I wasn't wishing for it. I sprinkled my calendar with days reserved for pajamas, donuts and Netflix. It’s all about hiding under good blankets and waiting out chilly misery. I’ve had an Ugly Betty winter, a Grey’s Anatomy winter, a Parks and Rec winter (two of them, actually) [...]

15 11, 2015

270 Tears for Paris

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I just fought my way through one of the most exhaustive, repetitive, acronym-choked books I have ever read.The good news is that I only had to read half of Eurabia, by Bat Ye’or,  since its remaining pages were appendixes and footnotes. The bad news is that it’s very bad news indeed. Two hundred and seventy pages of bad news. I had no sooner shut the [...]

18 10, 2015

I Just Want to Get to Grace Street

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Today, we ate the Lazy Woman’s Sunday Dinner. Our dessert, Coconut Blueberry Cake was so easy, I made it late last night after a long bout of staring at a job list I didn’t want to finish.   This Smoky Bean Stew was a rapid-assembly wonder that cooked itself during my Sunday nap. This was one of those dishes where I swabbed my finger around [...]

21 09, 2014

What Keeps Us Up at Night

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Like turning down the wrong hallway in a bad dream, I opened a book that tossed me right back into my sophomore year. Joan Bauer's Peeled follows an eager reporter at the high school newspaper who investigates the threatening signs that appear at the town's haunted house. Our girl reporter wants to get the story before the town newspaper breaks it, yet no one takes [...]