23 02, 2014

Babysitter’s Club — Not!

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What was going on at 5 a.m. at your house? Oh, that's right, some of you actually arise at that hour and . . . what?  Run?  Read scriptures?  Sip hot chocolate while calmly jotting your to-do list? And the rest of you dream weird dreams, the ones where the rooms keep changing or you fall from the sky or you're back in college, finding [...]

3 11, 2013

Outsmarting Your Off Days

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I'm kind of laid-up at the moment, which calls for the family to eat straight out of the Costco freezer section.  Tonight, it was some kind of chicken-patty-and-cheese thing that moms can nuke for the kids' after-school snack. Billed for "smaller appetites," I requested that the cook fix me three, because my appetite is more than a distracted child's.You need contingencies for these times when [...]

22 09, 2013

Not For the Bathtub

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Still in the middle of Anna Karenina.  I'm sure you're not surprised to hear this.I wonder what kind of all-nighter I would have to pull (or how many all-nighters) to see the pages fly all the way to the last dramatic speech (I peeked.  Somebody makes a speech, but I didn't check too carefully who it was, because we want to be surprised, don't we?)  [...]

18 01, 2013

Oh, la la! Your pipes are broken!

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I bought a bottle of sparkling grape juice just before the election, just in case there was something to celebrate. Since there was not, it lay chilling the fridge until New Year's Eve, when it went well with (as they say in the world of slightly harder drinks) a bit of stromboli and a stout bowl of chocolate Chex mix. I would be no good [...]