1 10, 2017


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This is a cookie for the indecisive sugar fiend. When you visit the recipe site, you will find a more beautiful sample of the finished product. I used a rather large cookie scoop, and cookies that big take 17 minutes to bake! As for the review of the extra-large book that I know you're all waiting on, I can report that I passed [...]

20 08, 2017

We Should Never Have Let Him Go

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In all my random reading, how’d I end up with a book about a land stricken by apartheid the same week as the riots in Charlottesville? As I eyed the book on my shelf, I wasn’t sure I wanted to take on 312 pages of racial problems and blaming whites. Nevertheless, I forged on into Alan Paton’s Cry the Beloved Country, in which the [...]

30 07, 2017

A Kiss That Rattles the Richter Scale

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This week and next, in observance of Summer Book Trek, Read Fast Eat Slow features books by indie Mormon authors. You can head on over to SBT’s website to check out what’s new in that niche. Fantasy and romance (but I repeat myself) are the favorite genres of these authors, both of which I handle like the mushy vegetables that need to come out of [...]

2 07, 2017

I’ll Give You the Cliff Notes

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Here’s your disclaimer: Back to Blood by Tom Wolfe is not a clean read. In some books you can turn an extra page or two to skip the problems. But in Wolfe’s latest bison-sized novel, the sex and the gutter language never let up. In Wolfe's defense, he leans conservative. He plays the part of great observer in the sky,  looking down on the [...]

11 06, 2017

Ode to Boyhood

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What am I doing, picking a Ray Bradbury book off the library shelf? I asked myself. All I knew about Bradbury was that he was famous, and that he wrote Fahrenheit 451, a paperback on the shelf in my sister’s bedroom. Fahrenheit’s protagonist is a fireman in a time and place where books are illegal and his job is to find them and burn [...]

21 05, 2017

How to Overcome Bad Mothering

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If my reading list doesn’t change soon, I’m gonna have to re-name this blog something like “The Anti-Mother’s Day” because, this week, we feature yet another Bad Mother book. In The Silver Star by Jeannette Walls, Mama leaves her two daughters, “just for day or so,” to advance her singing career. This happens often enough that the left-behind girls know how to survive on [...]

30 04, 2017

Talks You Don’t Want to Have

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In the last few months, two friends have mentioned to me that their children feel swamped by a tide of friends declaring their transgenderism. “What do I say?” asked one mother. What indeed? With news like this, you can’t imagine how fast I scooped up this week’s book, Sex Scandal by Ashley McGuire. For one thing, McGuire is a millennial. She’s known nothing but [...]

14 04, 2017

It’s A Giveaway!

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You can enter by tagging yourself in the comments back on the Facebook post. You have until April 30th to enter. If you win, I'll notify you via tagging. See more terms and conditions below. LIST OF PRIZES: Winner may choose one prize. Even the prizes are excited about the number 300! 300 Writing Prompts paperback journal allows [...]

12 03, 2017

On Mormon Handcart Pioneers

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I didn’t expect Sandra Dallas’ book, True Sisters, to splash cold water on my view of the Mormon pioneers. I already had opinions of my own, which Dallas’ story only reinforced. I was raised to revere those continent-crossing converts. But all I can muster is pity. Dallas fictionalizes the journey of the Martin Handcart Company. I assume that you already know a little about [...]