Chopped Cashew Salad

//Chopped Cashew Salad

Chopped Cashew Salad

Merry Christmas to my Read Fast Eat Slow readers!

If you’ve had your fill of Christmas cookies and candies (and I never really get my fill), you might get back to eating your veggies with this Chopped Cashew Salad.  

We tried it at Thanksgiving. Every year, it’s not Thanksgiving without the roast turkey, the Stove-Top Stuffing and the Grandma Jello. But I like to throw in a few wild card dishes too. This was the one people voted to try, and we were not sorry.

We made it as is, except for the avocado.

Photo credits:

Cashews by eltpics on / CC BY-NC

Feta cheese by grongar on Visual Hunt / CC BY

Edamame by lobsteriffic1 on / CC BY-NC

Peppers by Au Kirk on / CC BY

Cherry tomatoes by Indiana Ivy Nature Photographer on Visualhunt / CC BY

Red grapes by M.P.N.texan on / CC BY-NC

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