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Now is Your Chance to Educate Me

Today is Rosanne Cash day.

I’m listening to her on Pandora, in hopes that I’ll “get it.”

I just read her memoir, Composed, and I can at least offer this lukewarm praise:

1) Some of us take awhile to find ourselves. Some of look for ourselves in New York and Paris. Some of us have a Daddy who pays the hefty rent while we spend years in New York and Paris, looking for ourselves.

Some of us don’t.

2) Catholic school didn’t sit well with Ms. Cash. Maybe if I’d gone to Catholic school, I’d understand. But I didn’t (see above, re: Daddy paying for things). Anyway, the nuns were sour pickles and therefore religion is bad. Which makes me, a religious person, bad.

I’m getting weary of being “bad.”

3) This memoir really jumps around. Might have been written, bit by bit, on Ms. Cash’s many airline flights and put together as is.

No. I take that back. She put a lot of thought into how she organized it. Not that it makes much sense to me because,

4) Young Rosanne once penned the phrase, “A lonely road is a bodyguard,” then sat back, admired this metaphor and felt the call to be a writer.

I’m still trying to figure it out, along with all her other metaphors. I mean, I love beautiful writing as much as the next gal. I just think that beauty should ride shotgun and let clarity take the driver’s seat.

But just in case I’ve missed something, now is your chance to educate me.

Composed appears to be written for fans and industry insiders. It offers warm, personal glimpses of Johnny Cash and June Carter, as well as some interesting peeks into the why behind the songs.

I think I’ll keep the Rosanne station on Pandora because I sure am enjoying Trisha, Emmylou and Alison.


My house is full this weekend and I’m in cooking heaven.

I wasn’t sure how this Sunday night supper menu would go, but the Savory Cheese-Crusted French Toast had the same sweet-sharp taste of my favorite Panera bagel, the Asiago Cheese.  My son thought it could use some sauce. We thought of pizza sauce. Then we swabbed it through the Five-Fruit Salad and decided the sweet-and-salty was a great combination.

We finished with Cookie Dough Truffles. A certain six-year-old earned himself two truffles by gagging down one blueberry. That’s the rules at Grandma’s house; you don’t have to do much to win yourself a lot of dessert.

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