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6 03, 2016

Kristen’s Top Ten Fiction List

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At the request of a faithful reader, today I unveil my top-10 fiction list. And what does it take to make the list? A) The book has to be memorable. I read enough books that they almost whiz by like highway signs. Not all of them stick with me. Ah, but the ones that do, they’re like great road trips that I wish I could [...]

2 11, 2015

How Not to Crash a Birthday Party

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Tell me if this is how last day of your vacation goes: You gather up your toiletries and dirty laundry and stuff them into your suitcase. You buckle into your car/plane seat and watch sadly out the window as the skyscrapers/seacoast/mountain range recedes from view You regret all the shops you didn’t shop/restaurants you didn’t try/views you didn’t gaze on. You wish you could stay [...]