24 08, 2017

Vegetarian Linguine

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No book blog this week.  I've had company, big church obligations. So we're doing food this week. I've been accused of hating vegetables. And maybe I do. Maybe, when they're all cut up fresh and posed around a vat of dip, and placed next to a plate of brownies on a buffet table, maybe, just maybe I can't "see" them. But when vegetables [...]

27 12, 2015

How Do You Know If Your Slang is Right?

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If they ever make a movie from Dennis Lehane’s Moonlight Mile, it’s going to be an expensive one. It won’t be the fancy sets, because Lehane’s characters troll through the seedier side of Boston and the Berkshire Mountains. Then again, if they use real houses, the movie carpenters will have their hands full, cleaning up all the bullet holes and sprayed blood after each scene. [...]