25 10, 2015

Oh, What a Cello Can Do

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You might be one of the adoring fans of the 2004 BBC miniseries, North & South, the story of the Hale family, as they move themselves from the pastoral south of England to the grimy, industrial north.The television production is adapted from the novel by Elizabeth Gaskell. In case you’ve missed both the book and the TV show, let me catch you up on things: [...]

5 07, 2015

Can You Get Me Into Your Country Club?

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You might be one of those people who resents the rich.But I think they fill a need in our society. They build castles to live in, and I get to walk by and admire them. I would certainly enjoy the country lane Nelson DeMille portrays in his novel, Gold Coast. […]

8 06, 2015

What Is It About Virginia?

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It ain’t easy being a woman. It wasn’t back in the year 1979 when feminist Sonia Johnson publicly disagreed with the LDS church’s stance on ERA and, for her efforts, got excommunicated. It wasn’t in June of 2014 when Kate Kelly got excommunicated for founding Ordain Women. Both cases occurred in the leafy Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C. (What is it about Virginia anyway?) [...]