15 05, 2016

Not Quite Identity Theft, But I’d Keep an Eye Out

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I’ll just start today by assuring you that I’m not Kristen Carson, the soccer star. You can look her up if you want, but it ain't me. I’m also not Kristen Carson, the owner of That’s some chick in Texas who owns the domain and isn’t interested in selling it, though all she’s done with it so far is save it in a drawer [...]

20 12, 2015

Miracle Pill

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I guess I’ve turned into an Ann Patchett fan. We recently discussed her Bel Canto here and now we have moved on to her State of Wonder, a drama that combines medical intrigue with jungle adventure. The action starts when Marina, a doctor in the employ of a Minnesota pharmaceutical company, receives word that her colleague has died. His body is still down in the [...]