11 09, 2016

Go Inside Those Mansions

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Can’t say as I understand the point of Walker Percy’s The Moviegoer. The narrator doesn’t attend all that many movies. But he describes everything beautifully--a family picture on the mantel, a disappointed relative, a chimney sweep on the street, hollering in French. If you would like a virtual visit to New Orleans just before the Mardi Gras of 1960 or so, if you would like [...]

4 10, 2015

He Should Have Taken Their Advice

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Louis Sachar loves the game of bridge. When he decided to write a novel about bridge-players, “My publisher, my editor, my wife and my agent all said I was crazy. ‘No one’s going to want to read a book about bridge!’ they told me on more than one occasion.” Add me to that list. I gave Sachar’s The Card Turner a good try. You would [...]