26 11, 2017

Irishness 201

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Remember when we talked about this book? Author David Lynch filled us in on all the fortunes and misfortunes of today’s Irish.   Lynch showed us what you might see on the Irish street, or in the Irish bureaucrat’s office. Getting in to the Irish head and heart is a job for another author and, fortunately, Lynch tells us which one to look for: Roddy Doyle. [...]

22 01, 2017

A Boom-and-Bust Story

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One thing I learned from David J. Lynch’s When the Luck of the Irish Ran Out was that, historically, the Irish are embarrassed to be Irish. What? The Irish? With their cool names and their cool music and their cool little island? Yes, I know they endured a lot of “Irish need not apply” when they came to the New World. But that’s so 19th [...]