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12 03, 2017

Mac ‘n Cheese

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  Since mac 'n cheese is such a necessary food, it doesn't hurt to have a few favorite versions of it. Mac 'n Cheese Henwood Style would make it into my top three. The recipe calls for three different cheeses, including bleu. I know some people aren't fan of bleu cheese, but in this dish, it seems to sharpen the flavor without revealing [...]

10 01, 2016

How Your Swag Gets to Target

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I’ll bet you have never thought about what your life would be like without the Port of Los Angeles. Bill Sharpsteen helps you imagine the worst — empty shelves at Target and Dollar General, an empty floor at Kittle’s Furnitures, an empty lot at your Toyota dealer — in his engrossing book, The Docks. You know what a shipping container is, don’t you? No doubt [...]

4 10, 2015

He Should Have Taken Their Advice

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Louis Sachar loves the game of bridge. When he decided to write a novel about bridge-players, “My publisher, my editor, my wife and my agent all said I was crazy. ‘No one’s going to want to read a book about bridge!’ they told me on more than one occasion.” Add me to that list. I gave Sachar’s The Card Turner a good try. You would [...]

8 12, 2014

And the Award for Most Interesting Seatmate Goes to . . .

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I’ve been waiting a long time to get my hands on this week’s book, Sweet Promised Land by Robert Laxalt, in which Laxalt writes a memoir of his Basque father. The Basques, as we knew them in my childhood, were a people that came to America from their old homeland on the border between Spain and France. Their surnames were a mouthful of syllables and [...]