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29 10, 2017

Get Your Mormon Primer Here!

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Take one normal Mormon housewife, busy keeping up with the laundry and the Relief Society president’s meal requests. Throw in a husband who’s a bishop, which means she’s now got people showing up on her doorstep with tear-stained faces, people calling at all hours. That should be enough to kickstart Mette Ivie Harrison’s novel, The Bishop’s Wife. Then people go missing. Or dead people [...]

24 07, 2016

Can You Outwit Your Favorite Mystery Author?

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I’m not sure how Katherine Hayton’s The Three Deaths of Magdalene Lynton ended up on my Kindle. But I gave it a whirl. It’s a workable murder mystery in which we have two detectives, Ngaire and Deb, possibly meant to be the Cagney & Lacey of Christchurch, New Zealand. A man walks in off the street and confesses to a forty-years-past murder. He’s got nothing to [...]