6 08, 2017

You’ll Want To Star in This Movie

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Continuing with Mormon authors this week, I present The Rules in Rome by A.L. Sowards. The story begins when a pack of Allied soldiers ambush a German officer’s car bounding along the road in Italy. As the men examine the dead officer now slumped in the seat, they notice how thoroughly he resembles one of their own, Bastien Ley. Daringly, Bastien assumes the dead [...]

22 05, 2016

Name One Thing We Don’t Know About You

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Well, we all know that you’re a mom of three enviable children. Or a nurse. Or a grad student with a super-interesting major. But maybe you’re tired of everybody thinking that’s all you’re about. You wish we'd sit beside you a little longer and ask more questions. Then you could admit that you played accordion in a family band. (Or maybe you don’t want us to know about [...]