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13 11, 2016

British Brides Invade US

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I think I can blame all the unfolded towels and unsorted mail at my house on Duncan Barrett’s and Nuala Calvi’s tidy little history, GI Brides. You all know that we fought a war in Europe in the 1940s, right? Our soldier boys went over to England and, when they weren’t cleaning their guns or repairing their jeeps, they dropped by the dance at the [...]

14 12, 2015

Would You Want to Survive the War?

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Tea Obreht’s The Tiger’s Wife is an almost idyllic story in spite of the fact that the characters have just survived the war in a no-name country that sounds like Yugoslavia. In this post-war world, Natalia, a female doctor, adjusts to the new normal — orphans, tuberculosis, shortages just starting to let up, cities that used to belong to “us” and now they belong to [...]