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2 07, 2017

I’ll Give You the Cliff Notes

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Here’s your disclaimer: Back to Blood by Tom Wolfe is not a clean read. In some books you can turn an extra page or two to skip the problems. But in Wolfe’s latest bison-sized novel, the sex and the gutter language never let up. In Wolfe's defense, he leans conservative. He plays the part of great observer in the sky,  looking down on the [...]

2 10, 2016

Let Us Now Argue About Evolution

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Tom Wolfe is my writer hero. And he’s been busy lately, writing The Kingdom of Speech. Our top evolutionists and linguists recently admitted that, despite what they’ve been teaching for years about how man, the only “animal” that can speak, developed the power of language, they really can’t find any evidence for their theories. Wolfe, stumbling upon this admission, couldn’t help himself. He sat down [...]